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3 Ravens English Ale

After almost 3 months of blogging silence, I’m temporarily reverting to an old format to quickly record my thoughts on 3 Ravens English Ale which I am sampling for the first time tonight.

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Three Troupers Amber Ale

Back in October last year I tried the Three Troupers brews available at the time (Pilsner and pale ale). They were pleasant enough but a little disappointing after some of the other local beers I had been trying. I’m pleased to say that their Amber Ale, released earlier this year, is a great improvement.

A fine-looking amber in the glass with a healthy white head, it has plenty of malt and caramel flavours and a smooth mouth feel.

See if you can get your hands on some and let me know what you think


Yarra Valley Gold

I’ve had a few people recommend the beers from Grand Ridge Brewery and have enjoyed a few pots of Gippsland Gold on tap so I thought I’d see what else they have to offer. First up was Yarra Vally Gold and I’m pretty impressed!

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Warm weather – what to drink?

It’s definitely time to beat the heat and quench the thirst with some lighter refreshing ales. A style that has been recommended for this purpose is Belgian witbier and I can recall having a few of these in the past and quite enjoying them. I am now on a quest to find my favourite locally brewed witbier. My first is very local, being from 3 Ravens in Thornbury.

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Jamieson Brown Ale and Mountain Goat Stout

I’m finding myself drawn to darker ales and stouts recently and here are a couple of good ones. The Jamieson is a non-threatening highly drinkable brown ale and the Mountain Goat a little more gutsy.

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Holgate ESB

Back to the flavoursome Holgates brews…

Holgate ESBBrewer: Holgate Brewhouse, Woodend.

Variety: ESB (5% ABV)

The marketers say: Top fermented copper-red with rich and complex malt additions and highly bittered with English hops

Appearance: Cloudy (expected given the yeast sediment) orange with very little head

Aroma: Strong hop aroma, sweet and fruity

Taste: Mildly sweet with a nice balance of malt and hops. Bitterness in the finish noticeable but not overpowering. A little ‘flat’

Overall: I have to admit I am not really clear what characteristics I should be expecting with an ESB (other than higher than normal alcohol content) so can’t comment on being true to style. I liked it though, just the right bitterness for my tastes.

Stay tuned for the last couple of Holgates brews soon.


Holgate Big Reg

Brewer: Holgate Brewhouse, Woodend.

Variety: Big Reg Vienna style red lager (5% ABV)

The marketers say: A warming alcohol level and light bitterness make this malty treat a great food all-rounder, and an all-round favourite for both beer enthusiasts and the less adventurous alike.

Appearance: Beautiful copper colour with very short lived, weak cream head.

Aroma: Strong malt aroma with a touch of sweetness

Taste: The malt carries through nicely and some chocolate emerges briefly. Faintly bitter aftertaste

Overall: Flavour a little disappointing. There really didn’t seem to be much to this one. I think the marketing comment about the ‘less adventurous’ is telling.

According to BeerAdvoctae this style should show “subtle hops, crisp, with residual sweetness”. This is not really what I experienced – perhaps I  need to understand more about the style before I can judge how good this is.

I feel a trip to Woodend to talk with the Holgate brewers and sample the brews on tap will be in order soon.