Warm weather – what to drink?

It’s definitely time to beat the heat and quench the thirst with some lighter refreshing ales. A style that has been recommended for this purpose is Belgian witbier and I can recall having a few of these in the past and quite enjoying them. I am now on a quest to find my favourite locally brewed witbier. My first is very local, being from 3 Ravens in Thornbury.

3 ravens whiteBrewer: 3 Ravens, Thornbury

Variety: White witbier (4.5%ABV)

The marketers say: Belgian style witbier, naturally cloudy, coriander spicing, delicate wheat balance, tangy and refreshing.

Appearance: Cloudy yellow with a small white head

Aroma: Powerful citrus as you’d expect and a little coriander if I concentrate very hard.

Taste: As for the aroma with a fairly dry finish.

Overall: Must say I didn’t really reach out for another. I found this to have a fairly watery feel (perhaps expected after a winter of rich porters and stouts) and a little too much of the citrus for me. I suspect I just need to understand the style a bit better


Brewer: Three Troupers Brewery, via Beaufort
Variety: Pale Ale  (4.5%ABV)


The marketers say: Citric and fruity hop and ester notes, with a well rounded body and plenty of balance.

Appearance: Light golden with a bright white head that didn’t last long.

Aroma: Gentle citrus with a little sweetness.

Taste: Clean, crisp and a little bland. Some caramel perhaps but really not a lot distinctive here.



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