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If this blog had any regular readers, by now they could well be wondering why there have only been 2 posts this year and whether the blog is dead. These are reasonable questions and in fact I’ve been asking myself the same things. Here I reflect on what this blog was for and what its future is. Continue reading

Too good not to share

I have to break my recent beer blogging silence to share this (soon-to-be) classic.

Beer Song by ElbowSkin from Alister Robbie on Vimeo.

Prickly Moses

A little while ago I spent a weekend with friends in the country Victorian town of Colac. Just down the road from Colac is the Otway Estate Winery and Brewery, where the Prickly Moses beer range – and quite possibly some wine –  is produced. I figured it would be rude not to visit while in the neighborhood so a dozen blokes descended on the brewery on Saturday morning.  One of the brewers, Hendo agreed to give us a tour and soon had us all sharing his enthusiasm for flavorsome beers. In fact if Hendo could find a way to bottle enthusiasm I’m sure he’d be a rich man very quickly.

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Random beer thought

To quote the highly educated (he must be intelligent because he’s found 1346 words for drunk) Pete Brown , beer is “a universal signifier of unpretentious sociability”. I think its important we keep a focus on “unpretentious”.

Something the megabrewers do excel at

If there is one thing the big brewers have been great at for quite a while its making ads. I guess you need to be when you have almost nothing else to distinguish your product from everyone elses. I particularly like the last one. Enjoy