Prickly Moses

A little while ago I spent a weekend with friends in the country Victorian town of Colac. Just down the road from Colac is the Otway Estate Winery and Brewery, where the Prickly Moses beer range – and quite possibly some wine –  is produced. I figured it would be rude not to visit while in the neighborhood so a dozen blokes descended on the brewery on Saturday morning.  One of the brewers, Hendo agreed to give us a tour and soon had us all sharing his enthusiasm for flavorsome beers. In fact if Hendo could find a way to bottle enthusiasm I’m sure he’d be a rich man very quickly.

He left us all better educated about brewing and curious about how his experimental beers would taste. These included batches containing  pumpkin (for Halloween) and rose petals (for a birthday present). While neither of these were available when we were there, we all sampled the range of usual Prickly Moses beers before settling in for a long lunch in their excellent restaurant/gallery.

My pick is the Otway Red Ale, which has a little more body than others in the range. Having said that, there was plenty of debate about favorites within our group. One of the benefits of beers that actually have distinctive characteristics is that there is generally something to suit all tastes.

Otway Estate have regular events on-site throughout the year including Oktoberfest celebrations. If you really want to wind down you can even stay in the Estate’s own bush cottages.

If you are thinking of a visit don’t be put off by the fairly average website (Hendo tells me he was in IT before making the change to brewing and if the website is his work, I think he made the right move).

While I wouldn’t travel to the Otways only for Otway Estate, it’s a great part of the world to explore anyway and some Prickly Moses can only add to the overall enjoyment.

Stay tuned for brief reports on other Victorian microbreweries I visit this summer.


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