If this blog had any regular readers, by now they could well be wondering why there have only been 2 posts this year and whether the blog is dead. These are reasonable questions and in fact I’ve been asking myself the same things. Here I reflect on what this blog was for and what its future is.

When I started this blog my main objectives were to 1) understand what blogging was all about and 2) keep a diary of my journey of discovery about craft beer. I soon started to record my impressions of various beers, breweries and beer outlets. This was all very personal but eventually evolved into aspirations for a readership. I was starting to understand the power of blogs and thought that perhaps I had something to say that others would be interested in.

By late last year, I had begun to really appreciate different beers and styles, had visited breweries I hadn’t even known existed, had met some beer enthusiasts and had been present at the birth of the Australian Beer Writers Guild. This was all great fun and very informative (and the adventure continues).

The aspect that was beginning to fall by the wayside was the blogging. Its not that I am less interested in craft beers (see previous posts for the reasons I drink craft beer) its just that I seem to have less motivation to write about it. I think there are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, when I started out I had time on my hands. I now find myself juggling family responsibilities, a challenging job, study and beer tasting. There just doesn’t seem to be time to also regularly write.

The second reason is that there is not much about local craft beers and brewers that isn’t already being written about by the excellent online resources that have been set up recently. Some great writers are publishing well researched and engagingly written stories and reviews on various  sites. Some of my favourites are The Crafty Pint, BrewsNews, EatDrinkStagger, Beer Blokes, Beer Bar Band and From Beer to Eternity

If I find myself with spare time, I’m more likely to be reading these blogs that writing my own.

So, of my original reasons for this blog, the one that still seems relevant is the keeping of  a record of my personal journey. This is what will keep this blog alive. Posts will not be regular or frequent and will rarely be reviews of particular beers.What I will record are reflections on new discoveries and my progress along the beer appreciation path.

I hope you continue to enjoy great craft beer and occasionally drop in here to see me.





2 responses to this post.

  1. Add the email widget to your blog so if you do update, I get an email. This blogging caper is an effort.


  2. Posted by davidharryure on August 3, 2011 at 7:58 pm

    Done. Thanks for the suggestion.


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