Yarra Valley Gold

I’ve had a few people recommend the beers from Grand Ridge Brewery and have enjoyed a few pots of Gippsland Gold on tap so I thought I’d see what else they have to offer. First up was Yarra Vally Gold and I’m pretty impressed!

Brewer: Grand Ridge Brewery, Mirboo North

Variety: Yarra Valley Gold (4.9%ABV)

The marketers say: full-flavoured, malty bottle conditioned ale with an intense hop bitterness

Appearance: cloudy, as expected but what was a little suprising was the brown red colouring and the almost complete lack of head. It really didn’t look that great in the glass

Aroma: A distinct honey sweetness with some hoppy undertones

Taste: To rewrite the marketing: “medium flavoured, malty bottle conditioned ale with a gentle hop bitterness to finish”

Overall: I like it. Plenty to think about but still mild enough to allow for another one or two if needed.

I’m looking forward to trying some more Grand Ridge productions and perhaps a visit to the brewery one day.



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