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Baby steps

As a first step, I believe its worth researching the difference between the various types of beer available so conversations with friends, publicans and brewers aren’t sidetracked by misunderstandings and problems with terminology.¬† But how to get started?

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Whats this all about then?

For many years I have enjoyed beer! On some occasions, too much of it. In more recent years I started  to find that the mass produced varieties have unpleasant affects on my body. Many people advised me that this was due to the preservatives and other additives present.

This started my interest in the beers brewed by smaller boutique brewers also known as craft brewers or microbreweries. These are often free of preservatives and claim to be more ‘pure’. It was not long before I too was convinced that the products of the microbreweries was not only kinder to my body but also tasted better.

Despite years of beer drinking and a phase of wine appreciation, I am still a novice when it comes to the subtle differences in taste of the various beers available.

Therefore, I have decided to learn more about appreciating good beer, the brewing process and the microbreweries of Victoria, Australia. I’m keeping it local so I can maximise the breweries I visit and because I already know that some of the finest beers in Australia are brewed nearby.

On these pages I will document what I learn and will also review the beers I taste and the breweries I visit along the way.

Why not check back occasionally and see if my experiences can help you appreciate local beers in a new way. Any comments are welcome.