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Boatrocker Brewing Company

Strictly, this one doesn’t meet the criteria I established for this blog as its not actually a brewery (the beer is brewed in another established brewery) but the beer is great, it is certainly ‘micro’ and its my blog so I can change the rules whenever I want.

The Boatrocker Brewing Company is a 2 person show (Matt and Andrea) and released its first beer, Alpha Queen earlier in 2009. I tried a few over the weekend and was most impressed.

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Mountain Goat Beers

Mountain Goat Brewery is a fairly well known local brewery in Victoria – its located in Richmond in inner city Melbourne. Some months ago I tried a pint of their Hightail Ale and thought it was a fantastic alternative to the other beers on tap (the usual imported and local suspects). Having sampled a few different beers and educated myself a lot since then, I found myself with the opportunity to try a couple of the Mountain Goat beers again today.

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James Squire IPA

After a fair bit of shopping around, I have found a great new beer supplier – Essendon Cellars in Primrose Street, Essendon. They have an extraordinary range of local and imported craft beers as well as a huge supply of beer’s over-confidant cousin, wine.

I have stocked up on a number of beers that I will be tasting and commenting on during the coming weeks.

In the meantime, I have a supply of James Squire I.P.A to get through. Although James Squire appears on lists of Victorian microbreweries, I believe much of their packaged beer does not fall into that category.

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