I could get used to this

I enjoyed another great food and beer dinner last week. The venue was North Melbourne’s Courthouse Hotel. The idea was to match each course with a beer or two and a wine and determine which was the best match. Its a great idea for a night out and I hope the concept takes off. My palate still has a way to go as does my descriptive writing. I thought I’d briefly capture my impressions anyway and maybe get a few laughs when I look back at this in the future. Thanks to crafty for not only organising the night but also typing up the menu and taking some photos (the italics are mine though).

Borscht, creme fraiche and rye
Bacalao mousse and olive cigar

Bridge Road Saison vs NV Paul Louis Blancs de Blancs

To be honest I didn’t find either drink really went with the food. Both drinks seemed to be fighting with the food rather than complementing it. Thats not to say they aren’t great drinks of course

First course
Caramelised pork hock, confit orange and cuttlefish

Feral Hop Hog vs Croucher Pilsner vs 2007 Chestnut Hill Chardonnay

The Hop Hog was a winner for me here. Went beautifully with the confit.

In between course
Smoked potato and truffle tortellini

Haand Norwegian Wood

This course seemed to disappear so quickly that I can’t really recall it. I think I was deep in conversation with someone at the time.

Second course
Roulade of guinea fowl breast, braised leg and pine nut pithivier, puy lentils

Holgate Nut Brown Ale vs Stone & Wood Stone Beer vs 2010 Mayer Bloody Hill Pinot Noir

The Nut Brown Ale took this round for me.

Cheese course
Tome Vieux Saulnois Reserve, port and pear chutney

Westmalle Tripel vs 2009 Domaine Charvin Le Poutet Cotes du Rhone

Tripel hands down

Fourth course
Rose scented parfait with chocolate, pistachio and toasted beetroot meringue

Lindemans Kriek vs 2005 Chateau Bouscasse Les Larnes Celestes

This was the discovery of the night. The Kriek was something entirely new for me. Not something I’d drink often but a perfect match here and I could imagine it with a few other desserts too.

The evening was made even better by Elbowskin who entertained us between courses, the hosts and fellow diners who made it a fun and relaxing night and everyone at the fantastic Courthouse hotel. I can’t believe it was my first time there. Not my last I suspect



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