A great discovery from the Microbrewery showcase

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of spending a few hours at the Microbrewery Showcase at Federation Square. I sampled quite a number of new beers, some of which I enjoyed very much. One that surprised me was Effen lager. The name and marketing style seems a little too slick and even forced. My expectation was that the beer wouldn’t live up to the promise. I was wrong, it’s a good lager that I have tried again since – in fact I’ve enjoying one now.

effen_prem_lagerBrewer: Effen Enterprises, Traralgon (although I think its brewed under licence by Southern Bay Brewing in Moolap)

Variety: Premium Lager (4.6%ABV)

The marketers say: It’s all natural with no artificial colours or flavours, brewed with a blend of the finest Australian malts & New Zealand hops to achieve a superbly balanced, full flavoured and refreshing beer.

Appearance: Clear, clean, golden with a fairly feeble head

Aroma: Nothing to complex but a nice maltiness

Taste: Smooth, clean and simple with enough maltiness to give it a bit extra but not enough to get in the way of a good session

Overall: Easy to drink lager with the extra maltiness making it a much better option than the megabrews. One of my favourite lagers.



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