Red Hill Imperial Stout

OK Now its getting serious. As detailed previously, I have recently been tasting a few darker beers, mainly porters. Having been tempted by the dark side, I felt the need to go further. My latest was a stout from Red Hill Brewery, one of Victorias best known and acclaimed microbreweries. There may be no going back!

Red Hill StoutBrewer: Red Hill Brewery, Mornington Peninsula

Variety: Imperial Stout  (8.1%ABV)

The marketers say: Jet Black and one to be savoured. The mouth feel is silky smooth, the nose has roasted malt and a touch of caramel. A rich deep mocha and coffee flavour, is accentuated with caramel and smoky flavours. Willamette and Goldings hops were used in 3 additions to create an ale with a big bitterness and an assertive hop character

Appearance: Black! Light brown short lived head.

Aroma: Everything you’d expect – coffee, chocolate, caramel and a touch of fruit.

Taste: See aroma…plus some bitterness to finish. The alcohol is clearly evident but not overpowering – adds just the right amount of warmth. Smooth and silky.

Overall: Really enjoyed this one and suspect I would like it even more from the tap where some light carbonation is introduced. I believe it was only available on tap for some time for this reason. Dangerously good.



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  1. Posted by Wes on October 21, 2009 at 8:38 am

    Oh My!


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