Flying Horse Dirty Angel

After a month’s break – from blogging, not beer tasting – I have a lot to report. I have spent some time in Indonesia where the beer choice was severely limited (although I did find one reasonable craft brew). I have also been to the fantastic Local Taphouse in St. Kilda for a dinner hosted by the Beer Diva. More about these happenings later. I have also sampled a few new beers, including a good porter, Dirty Angel from the Flying Horse brewery in Warnambool.

This one was on tap which in my view already gives it the edge on the bottled beers I have been tasting. If I could find it bottled, I’d certainly give it another try in the interests of fair comparisons.

dirtyangelBrewer: Flying Horse Bar and Brewery, Warnambool

Variety: Dirty Angel  (5.8%ABV)

The marketers say: A rich, smooth, roasted malty backbone complemented by hints of toffee, coffee and chocolate

Appearance: Dark brown with a ‘dirty’ head

Aroma: A little light on the nose although the expected roasted malt was coffee detectable

Taste: Surprisingly sweet, had to concentrate hard to pick up the hints of toffee.

Overall: A good way to end an evening. Gutsy enough to feel like the finale but not too demanding.



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