True to type???

It is clear that whats on the label is not much of a guide to whats in the bottle. Different brewers interpretations vary wildly and marketers tend to say whatever they like. Trying to meaningfully compare different beers of the same ‘type’ (eg IPAs or ‘Australian Ales’) is pointless and not particularly helpful. Therefore, I have decided to invent my own categorisation based on the beer best suited to a particular occasion. I find this more meaningful from a drinkers perspective.

The categories are listed to your right under “occasion” and are explained below. I have also listed my top pick so far for each.

A hard earned thirst:

Fairly self explanatory. This is when you need your thirst quenched. It includes the reasons made famous by the old VB commercials – straining til you thought you would burst, etc.

I recommend a Boatrocker Alpha Queen.

A night cap:

These are the beers you might want to sip at the end of a long indulgent day, maybe a wedding or Christmas. Beers you need to think about and drink slowly. The beer equivalent of a late night port.

Try a Holgate Temptress on these occasions.

Interesting…just one more:

These are beers that have a complexity that means you want to try another just to make sure you have fully appreciated the experience. Not necessarily beers you would want to have many of but one more is worth a try.

A great example is Holgate’s Hopinator.

Settling in:

Commonly called session beers. The beers you can drink many of without getting too bloated, too bored with the taste, too drunk or too sick the next day.

I’d go for a Holgate Pilsener or a Bridge Road Chestnut Lager but there are many good brews to choose from.

Things to do:

When you have important things to do and need full concentration. Most likely low alcohol but still full flavoured.

Stay tuned for my pickĀ  in this category.

Never again:

These are the ones that seemed like a good idea at the time but really are just unpleasant. I haven’t found any this bad yet but I’m sure its just a matter of time.

I’m sure I will find many more examples in all categories as my research continues and my tastes mature. Your suggestion or comments are welcome.



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