I’m baaaaaack

Its been a few weeks since my last post due to some time spent in Tasmania, a state that produces some fine beer but seems to hide it quite well. I was in the North of the state and it was impossible to find an outlet that stocked any local beer more adventurous that Cascade without travelling to Hobart. Seems a pity as there are certainly some good brews to be had.

One thing I did find was a copy of The Great Aussie Beer Book (actually it was a gift from my ever-resourceful brother) . Published in 1984, it outlines the state of brewing and drinking in that era. It claims that there were only 6 brewers in Australian then and includes details for their history and the beers they brewed – only some of which still exist. I’m not convinced this claim is entrely accurate as I am sure I had a few beers at the Loaded Dog Pub Brewery in North Fitzroy in the early 80s but it makes for a good story. The book also some good descriptions of pubs and pub culture though the ages. The variety of beer available now is a welcome change but I’m not sure if pub culture has improved particularly!

On the Victorian beer front, I have been enjoying a few Bridge Road brews recently, in particular their Chestnut Lager and also a few Porters.

I hope to write some more about these in the next few days before another period of blog silence due to a holiday in the sun.



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