Cricketers Arms Lager

As some light relief from the more challenging Holgates beers I have been sampling lately, I have been drinking a few Cricketers Arms Lagers. This lager appeared in the ‘craft beer’ section of my local bottleshop recently and despite asking a few people I have not been able to find out too much about its origins. As you’ll see below, I found the taste fairly ‘mainstream’ and also think the marketing and relatively wide distribution (international outlets) may indicate that a big industry player has a hand in this.

There is very little to identify the brewer on their website, emails have gone unanswered and a visit to the registered address revealed that its a shop selling vintage collectables! At the risk of being branded a ‘conspiracy theorist’, it feels like someone is trying to hide something.

Update: With help from BeerMatt I have found out that it is brewed under contract by the Mildura Brewery and the ‘architect’ is Dermot O’Donnel, formerly of CUB. This may explain the relatively mainstream flavour and packaging and excellent distribution network (but not necessarily the strange address).

Brewer: Cricketers Brewing International (under contract at Mildura Brewery).

Variety: Cricketers Arms Lager (4.6% ABV)

The marketers say: ..brewed longer to deliver an extra dry lager that is full bodied and refreshing beer. Made with sun dried Australian malt, Cricketers is infused with Amarillo hops, imparting an intriguing citrus character to the aroma and flavour.

Appearance: Very pale yellow with a good, but short lived head.

Aroma: Nothing particularly noteworthy. Slighly floral citrus

Taste: Not much to distinguish it from any other lager.

Overall: Plesaent and refreshing enough though certainly not “full bodied”. Would choose it over a Fosters but I’m sure there are more interesting lagers around. I decided it was one that wouldn’t suffer too much by beingĀ  drunk from the bottle to save washing a glass.



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