Boatrocker Brewing Company

Strictly, this one doesn’t meet the criteria I established for this blog as its not actually a brewery (the beer is brewed in another established brewery) but the beer is great, it is certainly ‘micro’ and its my blog so I can change the rules whenever I want.

The Boatrocker Brewing Company is a 2 person show (Matt and Andrea) and released its first beer, Alpha Queen earlier in 2009. I tried a few over the weekend and was most impressed.

Alpha queenBrewer: Boatrocker Brewing Company, Melbourne.

Variety: Alpha Queen (5% ABV)

The marketers say: A wonderful hoppy/floral nose, with a citrus (almost like a tangerine) first taste, with the hop flavour closing in on the malt flavours once you swallow. Lingering bitterness & hop flavour remain in the mouth for some time.

Appearance: Looks great in the glass. A nice golden colour with a small off white head. Felt refreshed just looking at it.

Aroma: Possibly the best aspect of this beer. A strong hoppy aroma with plenty of citrus.

Taste: Clean and crisp with just enough malt coming through to balance the hoppy aroma. Quite more-ish.

Overall: A great refreshing beer that I’ll be drinking regularly myself and recommending to friends who are interested is something a little more complex to beat that hard earned thirst . Some reviews I have seen have negative comments about the packaging but I like its basic no bullshit look.



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  1. I really must try this. I’ve tried their ‘Hopp Bier’ which I though was okay without being brilliant. But I hear very good things about the Alpha Queen


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