Mountain Goat Beers

Mountain Goat Brewery is a fairly well known local brewery in Victoria – its located in Richmond in inner city Melbourne. Some months ago I tried a pint of their Hightail Ale and thought it was a fantastic alternative to the other beers on tap (the usual imported and local suspects). Having sampled a few different beers and educated myself a lot since then, I found myself with the opportunity to try a couple of the Mountain Goat beers again today.

One on tap at a pub and the other from a bottle at that well know gastronomic paradise, the Pancake Parlour 🙂

Here are my thoughts:

HightailBrewer: Mountain Goat Brewery, Richmond.

Variety: Hightail Ale (4.5% ABV)

The marketers say: The Hightail Ale is a traditional English style real ale. It’s deep amber in colour with a rich malt body and floral hop aroma.

Appearance: The pint I was poured was certainly a deep amber with an off white head that disappeared fairly quickly. A fine looking pint indeed!

Aroma: reasonable fruity aromas but…

Taste: …the taste was little lacking. Pleasant enough but not as distinctive as the aroma would indicate.

Overall: Better than the average tap brew but I felt a little let down when the taste was not as complex as I expected.

Goat IPA

Brewer: Mountain Goat Brewery, Richmond.

Variety: India Pale Ale (5%ABV)

The marketers say: We use organically grown and malted German pilsener and light munich malts to give a golden, full bodied feel and then hop it with New Zealand Pacific Gem hops

Appearance: Light amber coulour with a thin white head.

Aroma: Classic citrus, grassy aroma

Taste: Clean fruity flavour – apricot??

Overall: I hope I’m not being too harsh by calling this ‘easy drinking’. Very thirst quenching and not what I’d call full bodied. Maybe a BBQ beer.

I wonder if using organic ingredients has an effect on the flavour and/or body. A question for the brewer when I visit the brewery one Wednesday evening.


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