The theory and a little practice

I have done a lot of reading while tasting in the last few days and have discovered there are numerous websites dedicated to the enjoyment and production of good beer. They are nearly all entertaining and informative but trawling through them all to find which ones are of most value can use up a fair bit of drinking time. Here are a few I found particularly useful/entertaining.

The Beer Hunter – Archives from the world’s most well known beer taster, Michael Jackson. This site includes tasting notes, descriptions of styles and much, much more. Inspiring.

RateBeer – A site for beer reviews from drinkers from all over the world. Includes a good list of Australian brews with comments and ratings for each.

HighlyHopped – The blog for Purvis Cellars including reviews of many Australian and imported beers. Clearly they want to sell you beer but seem very honest and knowledgeable in their reviews. Also on Twitter @PurvisCellars

The beer guide – A review site for Australian brews.

Beer Advocate – Lots of information and reviews. Particularly good section for beginners called Beer 101.  Also on Twitter @BeerAdvocate

And a few others (generally focussed on the US, but entertaining anyway):

The brew site, confessions of a beer geek, yours for good fermentables, beer festival calendar, Beer47.

There are many more and of course there are the sites for the breweries themslves!!



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