James Squire IPA

After a fair bit of shopping around, I have found a great new beer supplier – Essendon Cellars in Primrose Street, Essendon. They have an extraordinary range of local and imported craft beers as well as a huge supply of beer’s over-confidant cousin, wine.

I have stocked up on a number of beers that I will be tasting and commenting on during the coming weeks.

In the meantime, I have a supply of James Squire I.P.A to get through. Although James Squire appears on lists of Victorian microbreweries, I believe much of their packaged beer does not fall into that category.

They are a division of Lion Nathan and much of the brewing is done under licence in NSW or elsewhere or at least produced in a decent size Malt Shoval brewery somewhere.

There are James Squire ‘brewhouses’ in Docklands and Russell Street and perhaps I need to visit them to get the real deal. Happy to be corrected on this if I have it wrong.

Regardless of all this, here is what I make of the James Squire I.P.A:

James Sqire IPABrewer: Malt Shovel Brewery (a division of Lion Nathan Australia).

Variety: James Squire I.P.A. (5.6% ABV)

The marketers say: “… robust malty flavours and earthy floral aromas…. rich and golden in colour, it boasts a bitterness with lingering crisp finish”

Appearance: Rich and golden is pretty accurate. The good rich head didn’t seem to last long but when first poured it was certainly a fine looking ale.

Aroma: Earthy sums it up although I detected a slightly ‘stale’ smell. A slight hint of pub carpet

Taste: I put it in the mid-range for maltyness (is that a word?). A good lingering bitterness.

Overall: A good drop, with a full flavour and enough interesting going on to make you think a little but not hugely complex or challenging.



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