Back to basics

Tonight’s tasting didn’t start as planned when I turned up at my preferred bottle-shop an hour after it closed! I had to settle for a fairly standard outlet that didn’t stock any Victorian micro-brews so I decided to take the opportunity to experiment with a basic taste test. Could I distinguish between a ‘premium’ lager and a ‘traditional’ pilsener and describe each?

If I haven’t mastered this, then perhaps I need more practice before more subtle tasting!

The results are now in and I’m pleased to say I could identify which was which OK. I’m not as confident about my ability to describe the experience but here is my best shot:

Bluetongue_lagerBrewer: BlueTongue Brewery, Hunter Valley, NSW.

Variety: Premium Lager

Appearance:Poured clear and light. The look that inspired various urine-based colloquialisms

Aroma: Hmm. I had trouble detecting anything in particular

Taste:I’m afraid the best I can do is ‘unremarkable’. It was crisp and clean as it should be but I had trouble tasting anything distinctive at all. My palate has a way to go I think.

Overall: The beer equivalent of a quaffing wine. Inoffensive

Bluetongue_pilsenerBrewer: Bluetongue Brewery, Hunter Valley, NSW.

Variety: Traditional Pilsener

Appearance: A clear golden colour with a head that stuck around to the end.

Aroma: A distinctly malty aroma that even a novice can detect. This first impression  immediately hightened my expectations for the taste to come.

Taste: After the inviting aroma, I felt slightly let down by the taste. There wasn’t much new that emerged other than a faintly sweet aftertaste.

Overall: A fine brew for easy drinking. Not too challenging but complex enough to be interesting.



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