Getting the most from a beer

OK, I have now read many words about different types of beer and the brewing process but I still need help with tasting and describing different beers. Luckily there are some good resources available to assist.

I don’t intend to repeat what I have learnt about brewing here for a number of  reasons:

  • There are numerous websites and books available on the subject already.
  • The distinctions between ale and lager from a consumer perspective seem to have blurred recently. Sure, lagers are produced with different strains of yeast and are bottom fermented at lower temperatue, but it seems that the taste can be indistinguishale from ales (depending on what else has been done)
  • I’m not sure how important it is anyway. At this stage I am after the drinkers perspective more than the producer’s. How its produced isn’t as important to me as how to enjoy and appreciate it more.

So now I need help with tasting and describing different beers. At the moment I am like a novice at an art gallery muttering those often overheard words, “I don’t know much about it but I know what I like”. I want to go a bit further and enhance the pleasure and develop the ability to talk about my experiences meaningfully.

My first stop is which certainly sounds promising! Youtube is a good source of information also. This sums it up pretty well…

I will be practicing with some Hargreaves Hill Pale from the Yarra Valley and some Barons Pale Ale (already a favourite, although not  local to Victoria) and will report my progress and findings in my next post.



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